Piano Lessons

Piano lessons with Ivan involves lots of “TUNING IN”: to students’ interests / goals, to their learning style, to their various moods during the lesson; tuning in to practice problems in order to suggest solutions, and always providing encouragement for the hard work of mastery.

The ultimate “tune in” is really the students’ OWN. By recording their playing with immediate playback and discussion during the lesson, Ivan’s students really hear themselves; what works – what doesn’t – what they can do to make their own playing more musical and alive. Ivan’s piano instruction encourages students to become partners in their own progress.

Piano Teacher

Woodcut by former student Alexa Shoemaker

As a piano teacher I value an honest relationship with the student by regularly asking for feedback on how the lessons and practicing are “working” for them; am I assigning too little, too much, too difficult, too easy, the kind of pieces desired; a healthy balance of technical work, repertoire, sight-reading, and improvisation.

Lots of questions are asked: are you interested in jazz and popular as well as classical musical styles? What about theory, composition, improvisation, music history? All of these can be part of piano and keyboard lessons. Piano lessons with Ivan reflect both student interest / goals along with my own sense of what’s important -what’s needed and what engages students. There is no “one size fits all” in my studio!

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